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Sub Hunt

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Released: 1981

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Intellivision

Publisher: Mattel

Developer: Aph

Submitted by: Ashley Hodgetts

The alarm sounds to tell you that the enemy are approaching. Six convoys each with six ships including a destroyer are crossing the ocean attempting to reach your land. You have four submarines to stop them. A fair match then.

All the screens in Sub Hunt are split in two. The top half shows you what you can see through your periscope and the bottom half features a map. On one side of the map on the first screen your four submarines can be seen. Approaching fast from the other will be the first convoy. The idea is you send your selected sub out to stop them. Once the two cursors meet, you switch to screen two and battle it out.

During battle with the enemy you also control your speed and depth. As with the first screen, your map shows you where the six ships are coming from and they should appear in your periscope sights. Line them up and fire one of your two torpedo tubes. It does take a while for another torpedo to get loaded so watch your distance. Battle can be quite hectic, the more speed you have, the harder it is to aim at an enemy ship. The graphics shake when you get hit by enemy fire and two many hits will cause the screen to fill up with water. The game is over if you lose all four subs or too many enemy make it to your shores. Destroying them all will result in victory and a victory horn.

Sub Hunt is a simple game that can be fun for a while. The graphics and sound are okay for their age. Playing with the original dial controllers can be just as awkward as playing the game these days on the Playstation 2 collection Intellivision Lives. This was probably the first submarine simulator so not a bad effort.