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Super Cycle

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Released: 1986

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Commodore 64

Publisher: Epyx

Developer: Michael Kosaka/Stephan H. Landrum

Submitted by: Joe Shaw

I got my first computer in 1989 and i was 6.

At first i realy didnt understand what i was i was holding and a bemused look to my mum returned the reply 'its a Commodore 64'

It came with an over whelming box of loose games and after rummaging through them i picked out a little white and black tape called Super Cycle.

Now not only was i stepping into a new world for the first time but this game was giving me choice. I could actually choose the colour of my riders leathers and colour of bike, this was amazing!

The bike controlls are very sensitive and take a while to get used to. Even a slight pull left or right seems to shoot the bike across the screen, so small intermittant movements seem to work best.

At the time the graphics were spot on and the speed of the game was very impressive. The tyre sfx was a bit screechy but that can be forgiven due to the brilliant title music that built up in tempo to be a catchy little number.

This game doesnt often get talked about so give it a go and remember… your choice of bike and rider colour is very important!