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Super Mario Land

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Released: 1989

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Submitted by: Alex Holmes

Marios first adventure on the Game Boy was a classic affair.  The game sold millions and became one of the best selling games the console ever had.

The game plays in a very similar way to the original Super Mario Brothers on the NES, and see's Mario tasked with clearing four individually themed worlds, each containing four levels in a bid to rescue Daisy from the alien Tatanga.

Levels are a fairly typical Super Mario affair, but also the game features a few side scrolling shooting levels, set both underwater and in the air, which offer a nice break from the platform stages.

The game features three powerups, the  power mushroom, the flower which enable mario to fire projectiles at enemies, and the star which grants invincibility for a short time.  Plus theres the occasional extra lives dotted around the game. 

When Mario completes and level you are presented with two gates, one at the bottom and one perched higher up which will require some timed jumps to reach, but doing so activates the bonus game in which you have to stop mario on one of four floors, containg a flower, 1up, 2up and 3up.  Mario will then collect whatever is on the chosen floor.

Super Mario Land features a hard mode, which is accessed by completing the game at the standard difficulty, however, hard mode will be lost once the game is switched off.  Finishing hard mode will activate a level select, which, as with hard mode is wiped once turned off.

The first game I ever owned for the Game Boy (besides Tetris) and just last week I bought it again for a mere fiver after losing my original cartridge.