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Released: 1986

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: NES/Famicom

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo R&D1

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

NES sports games were at the best of times extremely basic. Playing more as simple arcade games they don't possess nearly an eighth of the depth of sports titles today. One game which exhibits this basic gameplay is Tennis.

As expected the game is Tennis. Nothing more, nothing less. Selecting whether to play a singles game or a doubles game, along with whether you are playing alone or with another player is just about as deep as this game gets. Five difficulties are selectable before you begin to play and only two types of tennis shots are useable, the lob and the normal stroke, each of which are achieved by pressing the B and A button retrospectively. Also Mario makes a cameo appearance (as he regularly did in early NES games) as the tennis umpire.

And in a nutshell (or paragraph) that is Tennis. It isn't a very deep game but what can be expected with this being a NES sports game by Nintendo. While it maybe very basic and let's be honest boring, it was Nintendo's first tennis game and was the inspiration for future Nintendo tennis games to come, giving at least some historical significance. If you are a NES fanboy and keen collector it is a game you definatly need in you're collections. To everyone else I would let this one pass you by. It is available for 500 wii points on the Wii Virtual Console but I personally would advise you to consider downloading something else.


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Released: 1981

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Atari 2600

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Alan Miller

Submitted by: German Gonzalez

Another gem from Activision, this time revamping the two players pong but with a tennis outfit.

minimalistic graphics, great playability where the precision of where is the ball hit with the racket and the player's position ans side make all the difference (very different from later tennis where the button and joystick set ball's direction). Strategic involve to defeat the VCS at its high level .

There is small typo for tennis rules which the player can serve in any side of the opponent's however this must be done on purpose to try to make an ace when playing against another human… impossible to fool the AI's game.

If you master it you can always return a wining shot to the player when serving… master an the next step is to beat friends.

Up to two players, two levels it's a must have game for sport fans. If anyone is interested to play it online, just send me a message.