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The Great Giana Sisters

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Released: 1987

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Commodore 64

Publisher: Rainbow Arts

Developer: Armin Gessert / Time Warp

Submitted by: Mariusz Petrow

Many people call this game as a "Mario clone". But I think this is really something more that just a clone.

Those Sisters are even better for me than Mario's Brothers. I've spend a lot of time playing this game. Graphics was just amazing as for 8-bit Commodore 64. There are different levels, creatures and nice background.

Even music is fantastic. It changes according which level You play (up or underground). There are a lot of remixes of Giana Sisters tune in the internet (as Machine Supremacy cover).

Of course You can play with Your friend because there is also a 2 players option. Armin Gessert combine some special places on some levels that You can find a hidden warp to another level.

If You have a problem or don't want to play from the begining You can use a special code. Just hold on an 'A' 'R' 'M' 'N' 'I' 'N' and Giana will jump to the next level!

There is also an cheat mode. Just reset the game and use a POKE command under a BASIC. You can easily find those command in the internet.

Making a short summary, Giana Sisters is an classic game from 8bit system. For me and many players on the world. This game is an icon platformer from retro world. As a quintessence of a platform game, and should be picked up by anybody who has a liking for this genre, and those who don't have as well, because then they'll get one.

If You haven't played it yet… go and do this now! It's still funny and nice to play.

The Great Giana Sisters

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Released: 1988

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Rainbow Arts

Developer: Time Warp Productions

Submitted by: Kai Lunkeit

Pretty much everything in this excellent platformer basically rips off SUPER MARIO BROS. and that is the reason why the game was officially available for only one week until Nintendo sued Time Warp Productions, the makers of this game.

The gameplay in GIANA is almost identical to the MARIO games, but instead of controlling a plumber you control the girl Giana. There are power ups which let you get bigger (just like in MARIO) and hidden areas to discover (just like in MARIO). Enemies are defeated by jumping on them (just like in…well…you may guess it) and you race against the clock. Granted, the jumping and running is a little slower than in Nintendo's original but the overall gameplay simply is fun.

So, even if this may be regarded as a blatant rip-off, it's still a great game. THE GREAT GIANA SISTERS is also very playable on the C64, and also available for Atari ST and CPC.