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The Kristal

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Released: 1989

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Atari ST

Publisher: Addictive

Developer: Fissionchip Software

Submitted by: Scratch Porkings

I remember reading previews for this game a year or so before it came out. They promised a huge adventure game with fighting, talking and flying bits. So was i dissapointed when it came out? …was I frak! It was brilliant.

 The intro was just a sound sample by Patrick Moore, he detailed the plot using up the entire first disc! (1 of 4) You would laugh at it now but back then it gripped you. It was a side scrolling adventure game, you walked about the sets (it was based on a play so the beutiful backgrounds looked like sets) interacting with people or aliens, who all had something to say. You talked to people with and ancient computer game tool called a parser! It worked well.

There were about ten planets to explore and tons of puzzles and side quests. There were fighting and flying bits as promised, lots to do and explore. All in all it was an excellent game well worth hunting down, I dont have to, I've  got  my copy!