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The Legendary Axe

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Released: 1988

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: PC Eng/Turbografx-16

Publisher: Nec

Submitted by: aaran marbell

When starting your adventure, you guide your hero Gogan across a lush jungle landscape. Right after the initial encounter – where you fall into a pit and face a giant spider, you gain a powerup that allows you to charge your axe. Your axe charges as long as you're not using it, and resets whenever you attack. Naturally, the longer you allow it to charge, the more damage it does when you hit an enemy.
You can gain up to four powerups that fit into the four holes in the axe, allowing your power meter to expand even further.. When you have fully powered up your axe and use it on a full charge, the screen flashes while you hear a large explosion, and your poor opponent will usually die in one hit
The game follows a linear path with sidescrolling stages. The levels are fairly diverse, from jungle landscapes to haunted to caverns to ruined castles. The levels are referred to as zones, with five in total. Some of the levels are so huge that they are divided into letters.
The downsides are that the first stage is easy, but the difficulty increases sharply after Zone 2. The visuals here are a little better than a 8-bit machine, the music is pretty catchy but suffers from a limited number of music tracks. Not a bad early title but its beast to go straight for Legendary Axe 2. the graphics are lovely.