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The Rocky Horror Show

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Released: 1985

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: CRL

Developer: Jay Derrett / Jared Derrett / Ian Ellery

Submitted by: Crispian Driver

Firstly, i've never seen the Movie or Musical, only clips, so i can't say how good a licence it is, i can say i've probably danced to the title song in a nightclub (very drunk of course) at some time in my life. I played this game not knowing anything about any of the above and i'm pleased i went into it with an open mind. What i mean is, if you hate the film or musical, you may  like this game. I still to this day enjoy games where you have to explore and find things, Tomb Raider and Braid are good examples of today, The Rocky Horror Show was an early experience of this type of game for me.

More of an Arcade Adventure really, you play Brad or Jan and have to rescue the other from the evil Dr Frank'n'Furter, who has a Medusa Machine and plans to turn them to stone. The De-Medusa Machine is the only thing that can prevent this but it's been dismantled and scattered around the Castle in 15 pieces. You have to find all the pieces and build the machine before the timer runs out. Oh yes, the timer is a launch countdown because the Castle is actually a Spaceship!

The pieces can only be picked up one at a time, they then have to be taken to the De-Medusa Machine and placed there. The Castle rooms are locked so keys needed to be found, some doors need a certain key to open them.

The Castle has various strange characters walking about, some strip you naked, some say something to you, others like the butler can kill you, you only get one life in this game. If you get stripped, you need to find your clothes that are hidden in a random location to fully continue and here lies one of the games annoying bugs. You can't climb ladders without your clothes on, upstairs is a laser that you have to climb a ladder to turn off, if your clothes are somewhere beyond the ladder, you cannot get to them, so you cannot complete the game.

Bugs aside, this really is a pretty decent game, it's fun to play, looks good, has a bit of humour and in it's own way is quite different. It also plays a bit of the main tune with some dancers at the title screen. Plays very well with keyboard or joystick.

By the way, incase you were wondering, if you're Jan and you get stripped naked you don't see anything, she modestly covers herself up!

Well worth a try, i completed it quite a few times, don't write this one off if you dislike everything else associated with the name.