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Time Soldiers

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Released: 1987

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Sega Master System

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: Alpha Denshi (SNK made the arcade)

Submitted by: matt clarke

To most people this is the gaming equivalent of a small shrug of indifference.But hold on a second…….I somehow remember not only playing this game a lot but actually really enjoying it! There are probably a few simple factors that helped the situation, including the fact I managed to buy it dead cheap and my Master System collection was not the biggest, so it mostly got my attention for lack of anything else to play.

As far as the technical aspects of it, the graphics are nice enough and the bosses are big and varied from dinosaurs to huge tanks. After seeing the arcade machine, it holds up fairly well against it. The big bonus is the great simultaneous two player mode which totally saves the game from being really average. Tactics and strategy do come into it at points but were not talking RTS level brain work required, just a keen sense of priority is needed. The time travelling element is evident in the fact you flip between different times in history but one negative is although the graphics are varied, the gameplay certainly isn’t!

So to sum up, grab two pads, a willing friend and a free afternoon and leave your shrugs of indifference at the door, you may just be surprised how long you spend playing this worthy but in no way classic game.