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Title Match Pro Wrestling

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Released: 1987

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Atari 2600

Publisher: Absolute Entertainment

Submitted by: Alex Holmes

Ive been a grappling fan since I was a nipper, spending many a saturday afterenoon sitting on the living room floor watching World of Sport direct from a town call or leisure centre in the north, where excited pensioners were entertained by stars of the era like Big Daddy and Mick McManus. 

And when I got bought my first wrestling game I was giddy with excitement.  Title Match Pro Wrestling features four wrestlers, Skin Head, Mad Dog, Big Chief and Mr Mean in best of three single and tag team bouts.

Considering the amount of memory that was available on games at the time the amount of moves at your disposal was impressive,  and yes all the characters played exactly the same, but Pro Wrestling was, and still is, an absolute joy to play.  (no pun intended!)   Bouts could be over in a matter of seconds thanks to damaging moves such as the body slam and flying splash.  The sounds of the crowd and the impact of the moves are, again, impressive.  And getting a friend involved for 2 player action made it an even better experience.

For fans of wrestling games who missed this back in the day, I highly recommend it.