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Released: 1986

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: NES/Famicom

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom

Submitted by: Yiu

Developed by Capcom in 1986, Trojan or Tatakai No Banka is a 2D horizontal beat em up action game taking place in a fictional post apocalyptic world. This theme was very popular during that period in the 80s with films like Mad Max and manga like Hokuto No Ken. You are player one, the hero with red hair, blue overall and matching red boots. You are armed with a sword and a shield; and you like to do something call chop chop to every freak and mutant coming your way. The play mechanic is simple. You hold up to jump, press B to slash, and A to block with the shield. When blocking, you can block high, low, up and even diagonally up. At all time, the shield is only raise as long as you hold the block button. The NES port is based on its arcade cousin. While graphical differences and alteration are obvious between the two. The NES has a more refine difficulty balance and better control. I don’t find the NES version being a poor man’s port. In fact I find it to be more polished than the arcade counterpart it was based on. Trojan is an early NES game and it is also one of my all time favorite NES game even in the year 2010.

(On the NES, hold up and start to continue after game over.)


The Arcade Version

I have tested all the rom images for the arcade version of Trojan with MAME. All the versions are the same with the exception of ‘trojanr’. This version was license by Romstar and they have altered one aspect of the game, the life bar. This is the only arcade version where your life bar is a true eight hits life bar. All the other version lose two hit boxes when you get hit. This version only lose one hit box, making it the same as the NES version. This makes the game a bit easier, and give you a better chance when you go up against the two metal arms boss in the later level. I recommend the romstar version over all other version.


On some of the old arcade flyer, I can see that stage two, the craggy hill’s background was replace with a forest or wood background. It seems like a beta image of the game, but I’m very curious if such a rom exist. I just want to see it for the difference.