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Turbo OutRun

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Released: 1989

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: FM Towns Marty

Publisher: Sega

Developer: CRI

Submitted by: Nick Thorpe

Turbo OutRun on the FM Towns Marty is an interesting release which, when compared to Amiga and Atari ST versions, illustrates differing approaches to home conversions in the late Eighties.

Unlike the US Gold versions, which sacrificed speed for background detail, CRI’s conversion drastically cuts down on roadside and overhead scenery in order to maintain frame rate and provide a sense of speed. While this is good, it also cuts down on mid-track obstacles which were a new feature of the arcade Turbo OutRun. The game is pretty faithful in most other respects though, retaining the fixed course structure and new turbo boost of the arcade. and the enhanced sense of speed makes it a better bet than the Amiga or ST versions.

The main distinguishing feature of Turbo OutRun on the FM Towns is its arranged soundtrack. As an early CD-ROM release, the game boasted exclusive enhanced versions of the arcade tracks, though it does alter the order in which the tracks are played. Given the esteem in which OutRun soundtracks are held, I’d imagine that a few of you are already sold. It’s certainly worth a play!