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Turtle Bridge

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Released: 1985

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Game & Watch

Publisher: Nintendo

Submitted by: Alex Holmes

After the brilliant article on the Nintendo "Game and Watch" series in RG 55, it reminded me of a friend at primary school who's older brother was an avid collector of the classic handheld LCD Nintendo games.  And every time I visited his house, we would sit for hours playing them, with his brother always keen to show off the latest additions to his ever growing collection.

One perticular favourite of mine was "Turtle Bridge", one of the most entertaining games to ever feature in the Game and Watch range.

The storyline is based on tourists whos baggage must be carried from one side of the river to the other, using turtles as stepping stones.  Occasionaly they will dive under the water, meaning that you can fall to the bottom, losing a life.  And once a bag has reached the other side, you must return for more.  Timing is key and the controls are responsive and sharp.

Sound is the customary beeps and tones that featured with Game and Watch titles, but with the games having less processing power than a pocket calculator, the playability and "one more go" factor that this game offers cannot be ignored.  And even now, with the likes of the DS and PSP on offer, these games still offer hours of fun.