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Who Dares Wins II

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Released: 1986

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Alligata Software Ltd

Developer: Alligata Software Ltd

Submitted by: Alan H

WDWII plays a little like a budget version of Commando. The main differences being that Commando was way harder – the enemies in WDWII seem more keen on taking each other out than shooting at you, and the fact that WDWII didn’t scroll vertically but instead progress was made screen by screen. Each screen is filled with enemy hazards including dug in soldiers & the odd vehicle that you can take out with a well timed grenade (made easy by holding down 'fire'). At the end of a level enemy soldiers come bursting out of pink buildings & swarn over the screen. For extra points there are prisoners you can save throughout the game by taking out the firing squad before they shoot. For the price & the time this was a decent little game & great fun to play through – if a little easy.

Who Dares Wins II

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Released: 1986

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Aligata Software

Developer: Alligata

Submitted by: Darran Jones

As much as I love Commando, Elite’s home port isn’t a patch on the arcade game. So, whenever I decided I needed a quick Commando fix, I would always stare disapprovingly at its cassette case and then cushion the pain by loading up this brilliant Commando clone by Steve Evans.

Despite both games sharing that familiar ‘lone soldier’ setting, in Who Dares Wins II you play a Pete Doherty lookalike who has to vanquish an army of Teletubbies, who are armed with machine guns and pineapple grenades. It’s weirdly brilliant. You see, the heinous cuddly creatures are trying to execute clones of Pete by confidently tying them to stakes in the midst of the conflict and then taking around ten seconds to actually pull the triggers on their weapons.

Thankfully, the rest of the AI demonstrated in the game was actually pretty good. While enemy walk patterns seem to demonstrate little rhyme or reason, walking past a soldier that’s cowardly tossing grenades at you from behind a boulder, will cause the jerk to hightail it out of there and continue the fight on a random foot. The game is also slightly fairer than Commando, thanks to its tighter collision detection and a brilliant one-button fire system that allows you to shoot by tapping the fire button, and effortlessly throw grenades by holding it down.

In the game, you have to save your captured comrades by securing the outposts that appear at the end of each level. Like Commando, when you reach them, the game begins to throw up enemies like frozen peas. The mission draws to a close once the entire screen has been emptied. With Who Dares Wins II you get a real sense that Steve, rather than make a pretty looking port that plays like a cotton piano, really wanted to try to capture the essence of Capcom’s arcade classic. So, if you’re any kind of Commando fan you should really make it your next mission to track this game down.