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Released: 1986

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: US Gold Limited

Developer: James Software Limited

Submitted by: Crispian Driver

Ahhhh, to be our swash buckling mexican hero. Defeat the villan, save the beautiful senorita who falls in love with you, despite your stupid costume and ride off into the sunset together.

Welcome to Zorro, the evil Colonel Garcia has kidnapped a beautiful (silhouette) lady and incarcerated her. Your job is to rescue her, by solving a variety of puzzles, the first one being to get her fallen handkerchief, that's right in front of your nose, but just out of reach.

This Arcade Adventure plays from screen to screen like Jet Set Willy and in glorious yellow and black, Zorro is quite tough. Each screen has objects and puzzles, important objects are flashing. To progress in the game, the puzzles need to be solved.

To spice things up, you have to engage in sword fights with Garcia's henchmen. There are also rails to climb along and settee's you will need to jump on to reach higher platforms.

I stated above that Zorro is flawed, the graphics can flicker, the title tune is terrible and sound effects almost non existent, The fights can become annoying, they are a bit hit and miss, i found myself hitting the fight button and hoping for the best.

At the time, i found the puzzles quite tough, i needed my Spectrum Bible (Crash), to get me through many of them. Although, i never did rescue that poor damsel in distress.

Overall, Zorro plays quite well and is one of the better Spectrum licenced games from the mid eighties.