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A Boy and His Blob in The Rescue of Princess Blobette

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Released: 1991

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Absolute Entertainment

Developer: Imagineering

Submitted by: Brendan Jones

Carrying on from saving Blobonia from the evil Emperor, the Boy and his Blob run into further trouble.  The true heir, Princess Blobette, is to be killed before she can take power, and its up to our heroes to save her!

Cue another challenging, if smaller, adventure.  Much like Samus’ first Game Boy outing, David Crane has embraced the limitations of transferring the gameplay from the NES version.  The game takes place inside a castle, rather than the sprawling underground, overground and extraterrestrial split of the previous title.  The gameplay is unchanged, however, with the Boy’s stash of multi-flavoured jellybeans turning the Blob into much needed props and items.

The puzzles are still fiendishly difficult, yet elegantly logical.  This can become frustrating, given the lack of hint or save systems, but this boosts the replayability of the title.

There is an elephant in the room though- or rather, an unwieldy Blob.  Precise positioning of your sidekick can be difficult (especially if you don’t want to waste jellybeans), and even lead to losing a life through no fault of your own.  However, this isn’t so much an example of bad programming, but rather of the game’s uncompromisingly challenging nature.  Despite this, the game is very enjoyable, but I will accept no responsibility for any Game Boys hurled across the room in frustration.

Finally, the end features a charming moment which makes you wonder if Steve McQueen had to right idea all those years ago…