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Released: 1999

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Crave Entertainment

Developer: CRI

Submitted by: James Holian

Being a flight-sim enthusiast, I picked this game up despite the rather tepid reception it garnered on release. I believe most of the criticism was unfair and was mainly because most people wanted a shoot-em-up type game rather than a Pilotwings type simulation, (which was rectified in the sequel). I managed to pick this game up cheap back in 2000 and was pleasantly surprised. The graphics were especially impressive for the day with the replays looking very realistic.

Overall Aero Wings is a very relaxing game, and good to come back to if you have only a few minutes to spare and don't want some great epic adventure. Unfortunately the 'free flight' area of the game is limited initially to around 6 stages and one type of plane, to gain more you have to unlock these in the mission mode.

For everyone who loves aviation though, this is the perfect game. The physics are very accurate, the detailed planes are incredible ,and each plane handles in a realistic fashion .For people longing to be real life pilots this is a great experience. For trigger-happy individuals, play the sequel instead.

(The genre of this game is obviously flight simulation, as that catagory is not available i have chosen strategy instead).