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Atari Karts

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Released: 1995

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Atari Jaguar

Publisher: Atari

Developer: Miracle Designs Ltd

Submitted by: aaran marbell

At the start of atari karts you have a choice of four challenges. Beginner, Warrior, Miracle, and Jaguar Aces. You have to complete each challenge before you can continue on to the next
There are eleven Karts in total with four of them that you have to earn. Each kart has it's own characteristics and wotnot. You know the script.
The game has a lack of interesting power-ups. Instead of being able to fire projectiles like in Mario Kart, the only offensive power-up reverses the other player's direction buttons. Also the collisions with walls will make the kart fully stop sometimes, which can be very annoying in the harder tracks.
At first glance, the track appears to be the same as the one in Mario Karts, but a closer look reveals that there are hills. The terrain actually moves up and down as you move over it, The backgrounds are look great they almost seem real.
Atari Karts is a good game, especially with another player, If you liked Mario Karts, then you'll definitely like this game. Even with the faults its as good as mario.