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Balloon Kid

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Released: 1990

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo R&D1

Submitted by: Andy Godoy

Balloon Kid was one of the earliest titles on the Nintendo hand held and is actually a sequel to Balloon Fight!

In this game you play a character called Alice, and in the beginning of the game you see that your little brother has been carried away by balloons, so its up to you to save the day by trying to rescue your little brother.

The games scrolls from right to left and you control Alice by tapping the button who makes you character hover in the air as she is holding 2 balloons.

The game is very tough as you have loads of things to avoid and if you bump into any obstacles you lose a balloon, get hit twice you are left flightless, you can blow up 2 more balloonsby tapping down on the d’pad.

The game has a graphical style very similar to Super Mario Land and I’m pretty sure that some of the graphics are ripped from the Dungarees wearing Italian fellas game.

The music in the game is another thing that stands out as its really good, the only problem is, its a bit to cute.

All in all Balloon Kid is a fun game that certainly very challenging and you will get hours of game play