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Battle Command

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Released: 1991

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Commodore 64 GS

Publisher: Ocean

Submitted by: Andrew Fisher

Ocean supported the GS with several releases on cartridge, but this one makes good use of the extra memory available. Converted from the Amiga game by Realtime, the cart provides a large look-up table for 3D data allowing objects to move much faster.

The hi-tech tank featured in Battle Command is dropped behind enemy lines from a helicopter, and then retrieved by the chopper at the end of the mission. There are ten missions in total – from recovering a downed satellite to destroying an oil refinery.

It's basically Battlezone with a bit more strategy. First you have to choose your weapon load, with four slots available for defensive and offensive weaponry. The SLAM laser is great for protection, but only has 50 "shots". The main Pulveriser cannon is the best all-round weapon, while the missiles offer a clever "missile eye" camera view (the wire-guided/TV guided missiles let you fly the missile to the target).

A password system lets you come back and complete the missions in any order, while a secret eleventh mission is waiting once the first ten are complete.

Battlezone also makes use of the extra fire button on the Annihilator joystick bundled with the GS. Pressing the base button activates a pointer, used to select weapons and activate other controls like the map or binoculars. However, on a standard C64 you can use function keys as a shortcut.

A very nice cartridge game, and a good conversion.