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Best Of The Best: Championshp Karate

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Released: 1992

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Futura

Developer: Loriciel

Submitted by: Alex Holmes

Best Of The Best is named after the fantastic 1989 film based on a 5 vs 5 Martial Arts Tournament.

The games tagline “Championship Karate” is somewhat misleading as the moves in the game borrow from several forms martial arts, from kickboxing to karate. And the film itself although refered to as a karate film is actually based on taekwondo.

The game itself see's you start at the bottom and work your way up the ranks of the fighting world. Fifteen opponents are featured and have a nice, steady learning curve, from early fighters who lack power and skill, up to the top fighters who know your every move inside out and are merciles, and at times almost impossible to beat.

One of the most striking things is the graphics. The game pulls of some excellent, well animated sprites which move easily around the screen, although a little on the dark side, so a quick tweak of the contrast dial is always essential when playing this game.

Sound wise its a different story, apart from the opening title music most sounds are the shuffling of feet and the thumps and whacks from fighters being struck. But this isnt too bad as the sound of your opponent being beaten silly is satisfying enough!

There are eight sets of moves available, each containing loads of attacks, from standard body shots and leg sweeps, to hard hitting roundhouse and flying kicks. Timing is crucial as missing a shot will often leave you open for attack, and later opponents will punish you for every single mistake made.

All in all, a good solid fighting game with plenty of challenge, nice graphics, great collision detection and plenty of violence!