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BioMotor Unitron

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Released: 1999

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: Neo Geo Pocket Color

Publisher: SNK

Developer: Yumekobo

Submitted by: Ryan Davies

My sincerest apologies for the tiny screenshot, that really is the best the Internet has to offer for this triple-chocolate banana of a game.

Yes, whilst the rest of the world were ensnaring pocket-sized monsters in pocket-sized balls, then training them to fight one another, I was driving my feeble little mech around the dungeons of a mythical continent. Sure, the monsters in said dungeons would give me a battering, but the ones that I defeated yielded money, materials, parts – just what I was looking for.

Back at the shop, my glamorous assistant would tend to my war wounds, then I'd go down the tavern to chat up the local flower girl whilst my assistant upgraded my mech, my Unitron.

Eventually, as my Unitron got stronger, I'd be able to crawl deeper into the dungeons, emerging with badges of honour, pride and distinction. Then, it was off to the arena with Mr. Unitron to battle like-minded pilots.

Like the dungeons, these battles seemed impossible at first, but experience is everything. It took me a good few months, but eventually my Unitron earned me the title of Master of Masters, and no-one can beat me now! No-one!

If only I could get a screengrab of my Unitron, he looks crazy. Raptor feet, a Unicorn's head, bubbles on the left arm, a huge gauntlet on the other arm, a jet pack… Anyone want to challenge me?