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BloodNothing says I love you quite like a pitchfork to the face.
You can keep your Duke Nukems and your Dooms. For me, this is simply perfect FPS madness. Blood is ridiculous, it’s over the top and it’s damn fun.

The game follows Caleb, the wise cracking, ex cult member who is mysteriously resurrected from the dead to begin his quest for answers and revenge after being betrayed and murdered by the dark god Tchernobog.

With exquisite level design (featuring a level on a moving train), dripping with atmosphere and packed with classic horror references, Blood is simply one of the most criminally underrated shooters of all time. The game is responsible for some of my fondest multiplayer memories too, featuring some great arenas of death to deal out some punishment using an arsenal of wacky weapons including an aerosol can and lighter, a voodoo doll and a flare gun. It still plays great today and it often puzzles me as to why more people don’t know of this games existence.

They attempted a sequel a few years later but the less said about that horrible, buggy mess the better. Still, a small faction of diehard fans still hold out hope that we may one day see a full blown, next gen sequel. Hey, If Shadow Warrior got one, I don’t see why not.