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Blue Shadow

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Released: 1990


Developer: NATSUME

Submitted by: Bart Van Hoey

Blue Shadow, know in the U.S. as Shadow of the Ninja and originally titled Yami No Shigotonin Kage in Japan is by far my favourite game on the NES, to me its a work of art.

Natsume did a great job, you can see that from the first stage, you are on a boat that is moving up and down on the waves in the pouring rain, how awesome is that, the story is simple as well. The earth has been taking over by an alien named Garuda, and earth’s last hope rest with two ninja masters named Lord Hayate and Lady Kaede. I once read that this was the first game that had a male and female team.

The graphics are amazing and so is the music, you have two different weapons, the katana and the kusarigama, which you can upgrade. You can pick up ninja stars and grenades and when you hold down B with enough health left you will perform a secret lightning technique that damages all enemies. The end boss is one of the coolest of all time and fighting and defeating him is always epic, flowing through this game is so much fun and the replay value is endless. I play this everyday.

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