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Bomberman 64

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Released: 1997

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Hudson Soft

Submitted by: Joe P05

I have been a lifelong fan of this game as i’ve been playing it since age 5, but i will keep the bias out of this review. The thing with bomberman games in the past is that few people will play the games for its single player mode, and bomberman 64 is little to no exception of this, with a total of just 20 levels, the hardest levels could be described as mediocre whilst the easier levels are…well…easy, with 5 worlds to complete, one being an introduction based world that takes you through the basics of how to play the game as you progress through this world, one being a firey volcano world, one being an icy world and one world with that compared to fire and ice worlds can only be described as normal. each world comprises of 4 levels, 2 being based on the adventure mode and 2 being boss levels, after completion of the 4 aforementioned worlds, the 5th world will be available to play, this world is the final world with a somewhat galactic theme to it and one difference between this and the other 4 worlds is that the 2 boss’ you face are in a different order in this world, as you face your arch nemesis altair on level 4 of this world (i.e. the final level).
now lets talk about multiplayer mode, in a nutshell…it is fantastic and very few games can rival its multiplayer mode as it is very simplistic yet highly addictive and fun, the objective of the game being to knock out your opponent by either blowing them up or chucking them out of the arena. you have an array of weapons to pick up that enhance your chances of winning the game that will also enhance the fun of the game. You get an overhead 2D view of the action just like you do on previous games, but unlike the other games you can move around in 3D, this seemingly small feature alone is something that massively sets bomberman 64 apart from its predecessors, giving it a seperate identity. Ultimately however, it hasn’t been able to shift the reputation it has that its adventure mode is somewhat lacklustre whilst its multiplayer mode is fantastic, it just stretches on that reputation. This is however by no means a bad thing because it is still a fantastic and very fun and playable game and one to be recommended to anybody who has a Nintendo 64.