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Bubble Ghost

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Released: 1990

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Infogrames

Developer: Christophe Andreani / Pony Canyon

Submitted by: Ant Cooke

Poor old Bubble Ghost. All he wants to do is blow his bubble through 35 single-screen halls without popping it. He's not having much luck, though, because if the bubble makes contact with anything, be it a wall, a flame, or a small elephant (?!), it'll burst. What a to-do!

Fortunately for you, the basics of this cracking little Game Boy game are nice and simple- all you can do is move around the screen, and blow air. You'll mostly be using the blowing ability to move the bubble around the screen, but you'll also have to use it to get past certain obstacles. If there's a candle popping the bubble, just blow it out; if there's a snake in the way, find the trumpet and blow into that to scare it, and things like that. These 'puzzles' that litter the halls aren't complete mind-benders, but some of them ask you to think a little differently, and try to figure out which obstacles are just there to annoy you (like the gigantic shoes) and which need to be dealt with in a specific way.

Besides, the challenge doesn't come from these puzzles, but actually getting your bubble to the end of the screen in one piece- some halls have more than one route (some easier than others), some have obstacles that require split-second timing to get past unscathed, and blowing isn't an exact science, so your bubble might drift a little further than you anticipated, right into the path of that fan which sends it careening into the wall… Oh dear! It takes a little time to master the bubble physics, but persevere, and you'll find a wonderfully challenging (if woefully short) game with infectious music and that all-important 'just one more go' factor.