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Genre: Adventure

Submitted by: Graham Schofield

A first person RPG for the Amiga and Atari ST ( I played the Amiga version for years). You wake from a cryogenic sleep only to find that the planet you are on has had a global war and no one knows you are still in the sleep lab. You hook up to an advanced laptop and send out a cry for help. You end up activating 4 military grade robots many planets away. You have to use your team of robots to planet hop in search of clues that will lead to your eventual place of detention, where they rescue you. Playing in the same perspective as the Dungeon master & Eye of the beholder series, the gameplay consisted of you having to navigate to a planet, land your ship, disembark and find a door to a military base on the planet. Once you crack the door code you are into the dungeon proper.

Combat is turn based, and as you progress you make money, and upgrade your armour and weapons for your robots, as well as, budget allowing, upgrading the skills of your robots to use addons that act as a radar to show you where your enemies are, or a very helpful one that shows a red arrow always pointing the way to the exit.

A multitude of enemies stand in your way, and once you reach the bases generator room and have found the planet code pointing you to your next planet, your job is to destroy the base and escape the planet. Some amazingly intense moments were had once you set the charge on the generators and then had to run like mad to exit the base before it blew up.

An ingenious level design tool was used to create 8 random dungeons with the ninth always being the death star like prison planet where you were located. Once you were rescued it all began again, only you kept all your armour , weapons, money and upgrades. A game that never really ends.A very satisfying RPG, and a simply awesome game. Tony Crowthers best work in my opinion, closely followed by TRAP on the C64.