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Released: 1999

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: SCI

Developer: Stainless Software

Submitted by: Mike Wilcox

The original Carmageddon was released in 1997 by SCI, and cause quite a stir upon release. Why? Well, lets say that it was influenced by a certain movie called Death race 2000. The film involved running over people to get points, whilst racing from one side of America, to the other. Stainless got the rights, and started to make a game of the movie. However, when this fell through, Carmageddon was born, and was a fresh, and often hilarious, take on the racing genre. So, fast forward about 2 years, and Carmageddon made it's console debut on the PS1. Only, in the translation, something went wrong. Horribly wrong. A bit like Lady Gaga.

Now, beings that this was released a year after the originals sequel (which has a very good Iron Maiden soundtrack), this was modeled on that very game. Only, no care was taken with this one. The graphics, which obviously are not going to be as good as the PC, are the best thing about this game, and that's not saying much. Yes, it has a metal future look, but you seen it once, you've seen them all, as there's no variation. The zombies look abysmal and shuffle about like the cast of Coronation Street, and the colour actually makes you feel sick after a while, as there's not much variation. So, not a good start then. But, sit back, as it gets worse. Much much worse.

The tracks are crap. Plain and simple. No thought was put into the design, and is truly terrible. Controls wise, it feels like your steering on ice permanently, as you are constantly fighting them. You push left, and you're still going forwards. It's only after a few seconds, your car decides to turn with the gracefulness of and elephant in glue . The sound is even worse, with you reaching for the mute button after 3 minutes.

And to think they had the cheek to charge £40 for this abomination. This is one version that should have gone under the wheels and had it's head splattered all over the pavement. Dire, rubbish, and even a little crap. Stick to the PC original for your Cunning Stunt Bonus, Nice Shot, Sir, Piledriver Bonus fun.