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Chrono Trigger

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Released: 1995

Genre: RPG

Publisher: Square

Developer: Square

Submitted by: Lee Townsley

12 years old is an early age to be in love, and to still be so in love (if not more) after 12 years is a rare thing. But such is the sheer beauty (I would even skirt around the word perfection) of Chrono Trigger, this is no difficult feat. Having played it in all of its incarnations and on almost every system possible, the original SNES release is still the finest in my eyes.

The game opens in 1000 A.D. on the day of the Millennial Fair. As Crono attends the fair, he bumps (quite literally) into a young girl called Marle. To make up with for fracas, you are given the task of escorting her around the fair, eventually attending the unveiling of a new teleportation device, invented by Crono’s good friend Lucca. As the demonstration gets underway, Marle puts herself forward to test the device. However, instead of moving Marle from one booth on the teleporter to another, a portal opens up and she disappears. Crono leaps into action, reopens the portal and goes in after her, not knowing what may lie on the other side.

And thus begins the epic adventure, which through the use of these portals allows you to visit various different timelines set around the same world map. One element for me that sealed the deal was that actions in the past have consequences in the future, whether it be opening a treasure chest or completing a task that changes part of the world map forever, little details like this show the love that went into Chrono Trigger. Then there is the ATB 2.0 system that powers the battles, the tech system, the innovative new game + (first game to use it!) and the great cast of characters, and things only get better.

Set this against some of the most beautiful and charming graphics the SNES has ever produced, and one of the greatest soundtracks you will ever hear, and you have easily one of the greatest (not just RPG) ever, but one of the greatest games ever.

The story isn’t bad either…

Chrono Trigger

4,858 views 0 comments

Released: 1995

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: SNES

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Square

Submitted by: Alex Reeves

Thought of by some retro game fans as the best game ever – and this was never officially released outside of Japan and the US…..

I was introduced to the SNES late on, as I was always a Megadrive fan, but through reseacrhing some US retro game sites and podcasts I was convinced to invest in a SNES on ebay, and pick up some classic games.  I tried a number of RPG's, inlcuding Zelda and the Final Fantasy series, before seeking out Chrono Trigger, due to the sheer size and volume of the fan base, and the insistence that this was even better.

I can't do this game justice in a small review, and the web is full of them, but here is a brief sysnopsis.

The main character, Crono, stumbles across a machine that takes him back in time, and discovers an evil force, LAVOS, that will eventually destroy the earth.  With his friends Marle, Lucca and Frog, he must use the time machine to travel back and forth and defeat LAVOS.

Square, the creators of the Final Fantasy series, took the RPG recipe and added in a number of unique features, combining storytelling, emotion, graphics, a great fighting system and multiple endings to deliver a true slice of gaming greatness.

I actually feel unqualified to comment further on this game, so I'm not going to.  Just go out, check the reviews on the internet, and find a way to play this great game. If you are an RPG fan your gaming experience in not complete without Chrono Trigger.

OR wait until the end of 2008 when the game is being released on the DS, and should come to the UK.