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Chuck Rock 2: Son Of Chuck

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Released: 1993

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Sega CD/Mega CD

Publisher: Virgin Interactive

Developer: Core Design

Submitted by: Paul Driscoll

I have always had a soft spot for the Core platform game. I know they aren’t the greatest games out there. But there is just something so Quintessentially British in it humour, that it can’t help but make me smile. Chuck Rock 2 is certainly one of their most polished efforts really pushing the boat out with the graphics and SFX. Of all the versions they released the Mega CD game is certainly the best version to play. Core really pushed the boat out with this version overhauling all the music and adding tons of extra sound effects and loads of extra scaling techniques that aren’t in the other versions.

On starting the game you are treated to one of the best intro movies ever… Essentially a mini cartoon that nicely explains the story. The story is that Chuck has got married to the love of his life Orphelia, they have had a baby and Chuck has set up a successful business designing cars. Unfortunately Brick Jagger a rival car manufacturer is dead jealous and so kidnaps poor old Chuck. On hearing the news Chucks baby son Junior and being a ‘Chip’ off the ol’ block decides to go off and rescue his Dad.

Armed with a club, Chuck Junior must make his way through all the nasties to find the evil Brick Jagger and get your dad back. The game itself is stacked full of humour in every frame of animation. And the range of wacky bad guys (from men dressed in dinosaur suits to clumsy pterodactyls) always brings a smile. The end of level bosses are also worth noting as they are pretty impressive taking up the whole screen in most cases

The levels in Chuck 2 might not be full of the sublime level design of say a Mario or Sonic Game and there are some really frustrating parts of the game. But for the price you can often pick this up for there is much fun to be had, and the Mega CD or Sega is definitely the version to play.