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Clock Tower

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Released: 1996

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: ASCII

Developer: Human

Submitted by: James Evans

This game is such a mis-match of nonesense and awesome I’m really not sure if I love or loathe it.

On the one hand you have a creepy yet hillarious psycho running (shuffling.. slowly) amok with a giant pair of scissors called Scissorman and on the other you have voice acting that would make Resident Evil blush.

It plays like a survival horror with added puzzles / items to collect and use-em-up to progress the storyline which depending on what dialogue you choose branches out. This is a great early showing of progressive story archs. If a character survives a meeting with Johnny Stabbersley you may get to play out their scenario later.

A really chilling part sees your character in an IT room full of PC screens, Scissorman pops out of a locker and limps at you – all the while the monitors light up saying ‘KILL KILL’ as he passes. But then you can have all the tension removed by having a conversation with a woman about not writing your dissertation. Its more up and down than Michael Jacksons’ pigment.

There is always some gory death to stumble across before the feint snip snip snip of scissors gets louder and you have to leg it. At one point I found that I could hide in a lift and go up or down to escape his clutches. On the 5th time of doing it however Scissorman had cut the power! This stuff keeps you on your toes as it feels cool that the game punishes you for trying to exploit its programming.

Clock Tower is a hidden gem of a game, but for all the wrong reasons which feel so right. It needs to be seen to be believed.