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Cosmic Spacehead

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Released: 1993

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Sega Master System

Publisher: Codemasters

Developer: Codemasters

Submitted by: Simon Cox

I have one question about this game… Why am I the only person that seems to have played or even heard of this gem from Codemasters? A random splicing of hilarious point and click and platfrorming genres that never gets tired and will have you in stitches from start to finish.  You start of as a joyriding alien named Cosmic who decides to take a little unannounced trip acroos the universe and stumbles across a strange planet called Earth. So natrually upon Cosmic’s return he rants and raves about this planet with (apparently) intelligent life on board  and his fellow aliens believe he is telling an interstellar porky pie. On that note a slightly miffed Cosmic decides to embark on a one man mission to prove the existence of the (alleged) intelligent life bearing planet. However to do this he needs to re-aquire some wheels (spaceship) and a camera to prove his find. Thus ensues a hilarious and never frustrating romp.

You start of in Cosmic’s home town of Linoleum and with no dosh (Linobucks) where he must assume the identity of a certain blue movie producer (they get around these days) and aquire the necassary equipment to prove his discovery.

Gameplay begins as your typical point and click adventure consisting of one screen representing each town. However what seperates this from most point and click titles of the time is not only the very easy to use interface for a console point and click but the fact that every action has a mostly hilarious outcome. Also there are many scenery and static objects that can be clicked on to provide equally hilarious results.  What also differentiates this game is when trying to navigate from screen to screen the screen the game sudenly changes into a platformer with sometimes dodgy collision detection but never to the point of leaving bite marks in your controller. Add in the odd minigame and you have a very polished, satisfying and smile inducing adventure worth scoping out.