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Crazy Cars 3

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Released: 1992

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Titus

Developer: Titus

Submitted by: Ash H

When i first read that a third crazy cars game was on its way i thought do we really need another one? Titus thought we did and they were right, what a cracker it turned out to be.

The setting for this game is America. You start off in division 4 and through racing and gambling your quest is to make it to the top. There are 15 races in each division but some can only be raced when you have enough money. Also you will need to upgrade your car with better gear boxes, tyres and brakes to challenge those in higher divisions. Before racing you and other computer opponents decide how much you want to gamble on the race. The more you win, the more you can improve your car.

You start in 10th position and the top three places will earn you money to progress. Races may be held during the day or night and you may have rain or snow. All this information is available when you click on a destination on your map. It also tells you what other pro racers are here and if the police are likely to show up. You are warned of speed camera's and other racers will slow down when near one. If you don't the police will dog you for the rest of the race which adds to the fun. They will nudge your car and too much damage will be trouble and a night in the slammer.

Crazy Cars 3 looks gorgeous and is very fast. There is plenty of colour and some of the american towns landmarks can be noticed in the background. Sound is typical of a racer but the slick handling makes this a game to come back to.

On a par with the lotus series and about as close as you can get being in the cannonball run on an amiga.