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Crue Ball

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Released: 1992

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: NuFX

Submitted by: Alex Holmes

If you play Crue Ball for five minutes, you will absolutley hate it.  Even pinball video game fans cringe the first time they play this game.  I know I did. 

But give it some time and it grows on you, not in the sense that it becomes less annoying, more the fact that it becomes very good. 

This Motley Crue themed game was created by former workers of Data East and Sega's pinball divisions, and the soundtrack is by a well respected pinball producer, and has some very interesting features.

The object of the game is to clear all nine tables in order.  Each table is split into three playfields, and once the lower two's goals are accomplished the third is opened, which houses the levels exit.  Objectives are target based, where things such as skulls and creepie crawlies require hitting to unlock one final target for that area.

The first table has a nice little homage to Breakout, where clearing the eight ROCK and ROLL drop targets will cause a large formation of blocks to rise up from the playfield surface, and the flippers are used to send the ball into them, eliminating them one by one when hit.

This game isnt perfect, like many pinball video games the somewhat "floaty" ball physics are questionable, the division of each table into small sections can, on occasion, make the game feel cramped and the typical EA soundtrack soon becomes very annoying, to the point that when playing this I have to turn the volume off after a few minutes play.  Also featured are three Motley Crue tracks, which are accessed through the "Music Demo" option on the title screen, which sound appalling.

This game is never going to win over any non pinball fans, but for those who love the pixelated silver ball this game is a fairly enjoyable experience.