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Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness

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Genre: Beat-'em-up

Format reviewed: Arcade

My recent post about Metal Head got me in the mood for a better game with big robots in it, so I thought, what better way to fulfil that craving than everyone’s favourite mid-Nineties robot-based fighting game? And after laughing to myself for a bit about just how bad Rise Of The Robots was, I remembered that there was actually a decent game along those lines and dug out Cyberbots.

Capcom’s game has been forgotten a little over the years, as it’s one of the few fighting games from the company that didn’t receive the sequel treatment. It’s not a game of particular finesse, but being a game about big robots hitting each other, it shouldn’t be. Instead, you get big laser attacks and arms falling off. Ace!¬†Unusually, the game offered only a small selection of characters, with a mere six to choose from. However, these six characters could be paired with a variety of different robot bodies to make for different play and story experiences.

Cyberbots later received good conversions for the PlayStation and Saturn, but these were never released outside of Japan. However, the game was finally brought to the West – albeit untranslated and in North America only – by a PlayStation Network release of the former conversion.

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