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Released: 1996

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: PC - DOS

Publisher: Bethesda

Developer: Bethesda

Submitted by: Lauren Coupe

Daggerfall is the second game from the Elder Scrolls series by Bethesda softworks.It is an RPG set in medieval times,where you play as a male/female character under a chosen class and birth sign of yor choice.You can play the role as an evil villain that goes around terrorising the villages,such as a thief or an assassin, or you can be an heroic knight that goes around slashing evil with his blade.The guilds that are in Oblivion still exist in this game,but the missions are more or less identical to the last one you did, and the dungeons all have the same lay out,just different creatures.Rats can get very repetitive after a while…even at a high level they will still come after you, which can become very frustrating.Nowadays it does have its flaws, the graphics are very pixelated and outdated and the fighting can become very repetitive at times, but this game won the heart of many and helped put Bethesda on the gaming map.It is my favourite game in the series as it was the first one i played and i share many happy memories of playing it.