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Dangerous Dave

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Released: 1990

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: PC - DOS

Developer: John Romero

Submitted by: Konstantinos Patiniotis

Looking back in my yellow-and-brown days (those were the colours of my screen in XT) i remember some games above others. One of them was dangerous dave.

Dangerous Dave is a platform game, much like mario, where a hat-wearing smiling little guy jumps from platform to platform, collecting diamonds, avoiding monsters, trying NOT to fall into the flames, tentacly things, or water (that for some strange reason kills you), all to get the holy grail that opens the door to the end of the stage to move on to the next.

Monsters patrol areas, and mind you that doesn't make them easier to avoid as they are quite fast and strategically put. (YES i'm talking about you evil-kite thingy on stage 4 that has taken my youth away-i still adore you!)

Overall dangerous dave, is a nice platformer, challenging and tricky with lots of secrets for you to find and rewards in the form of shining diamonds and precious necklaces and of course, hours of pure gameplay. Give it a try and you won't regret it.


It was worth a better sequel. Long live the original.