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Daytona USA

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Released: 1993

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Arcade

Publisher: Sega

Developer: AM2

Submitted by: Andrew Tippett

This game really needs no introduction. Released in 1993, this was the 1st Sega model 2 arade game, and set the bench mark for all arcade racers for over a decade. From the moment you walk by and catch the opening jingle, you’re hooked. Pump in your coins, select 1 of 3 very well designed courses and away you go. This game has it all, lush visuals, bumper to bumper action, great handling and above all, the best soundtrack around¬†in a racing game. The proof is in the pudding that the game is still going strong in arcades today. Please check this game out and enjoy those Blue Blue Skies!