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Destruction Derby

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Released: 1995

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Pysgnosis

Developer: Reflections

Submitted by: Martin Hinson

Destruction Derby somehow featured fairly mixed reviews on release in 1995. When you look back you realise just how unfair it was, especially when you compare the leap it made over 16 bit titles compared to the recent ‘next gen’ PS4 and Xbox One.

Destruction Derby is a riot. Featuring highly destructible vehicles, superb handling physics, twenty cars on screen at once and a host of different tracks, it was astonishing at the time and still holds up well.
What is most surprising is the depth in the handling model. When in the Professional car, you can perform all sorts of advanced driving manoeuvres such as a J-turn or a full reverse 180. The weight of the car is a factor also, break heavily under turning and the weight lifts off the rear, pushing you into a superb slide.

Track design is solid although the tracks can be a little basic and lack hills. It’s probably the weakest part of the game but the riotous racing more than makes up for it. The music is pretty funky also. It runs at a decent pace too and with a decent frame rate, despite a bit of slowdown.

Overall it’s still a quality product.

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