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Destruction Derby

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Released: 1995

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Reflections

Developer: Psygnosis

Submitted by: Jack Poole-Fuste

You have got to love Destruction Derby, for its great racing mechanic, modes, AI and active encouragement to destroy your appodent in any way you see fit.

You also have to love the fact that no matter how bad you are at Destruction Derby you will always beat the disgraceful Learner. Its one of the best single player racing games on the PlayStation for its brilliant Cactus Creek track and its several crossover pieces where you are fairly likely to either dishout a 360 or be the victim of one. Each different part of the vehicle takes independent damge in each crash, meaning your car can still carry on going even if your wheels have been ruined.

The voiceovers like 'Your Finished' and '360' just add to the feeling of being in a demolition derby. Sound effects are also pleasing, with good music and nonsensical complaints by the AI every time you cause them to be set down one lap.

The graphics are moderate, which is acceptable for a launch game that wasn't planned to be a launch game.

All in all this is one of the most essential PlayStation Racers and one every owner of the console should have in their library.


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Released: 1995

Genre: Racing

Publisher: Psygnosis

Developer: Reflections

Submitted by: Mike Wilcox

On your marks, get set…….SMASH 'EM!!!

Pick a car, start a career and smash the living s**t out of your rivals! Destruction Derby was one of the best games to be released when the PS1 was first launched waaaaay back in 1995. But, time hasn't been to kind on its looks and it looks like Pamela Anderson who's been mauled by a cougar.

The gameplay, to me, is still fresh today. Smash cars to pieces, finish first, get loads of points, win cup. Job done. Not only have you got the races to win, but the Destruction Derbies themselves. Now, this is where the real fun lies. Nineteen cars in the arena with one objective: Smash the opponents and win. The more damage, the better. But, you have to keep your eye on your own damage. Its all well and good smashing the crap out of your opponents, but its no good when your fender is bent and your engines exposed as one more smash will send your car to the scrappers faster than a chav at the dole queue!

Its a good game thats well worth a couple of quid of anyones money.