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Die Hard Arcade

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Released: 1997

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: Sega Saturn

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Sega

Submitted by: Craig A

Die Hard Arcade (aka Dynamite Deka in Japan) was a two player beat-em-up in the spirit of streets of rage, only in full 3d. The Die Hard license was reportedly purchased after the game had already been developed to improve its appeal in the West and was based primarily on the fact that the main character looked mildly like John McClain and went around punching everyone.

The main aim of the game was to rescue the Presidents daughter (who spends half the game hidden in a desk!) by wailing on the bad guys somewhat wimpy army of thugs and progressing up through the building. This was made interesting by the use of a complex combo system where the punch & kick buttons could be strung together to do flip kicks, pile drivers and even arrest people. Players could also pick up weapons, both traditional (machine guns) and not so traditional (hairspray). There were of course the obligatory boss fights with the final boss fight taking place on the buildings roof against what can only be described as a geriatric ninja.

Instead of side scrolling players were tasked with clearing all the bad guys in a room which then triggered cut-scenes, which sometimes contained QTEs. Fail & you had to fight additional bad guys (which was actually more fun)

The game was relatively short but an absolute blast to play through with two players which is how I would recommend playing it!