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Dino City

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Released: 1992

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: SNES

Publisher: IREM

Developer: IREM

Submitted by: James Evans

You and your sister get sucked into a television screen and have to rescue some professors' macguffin. Yep, its one of THOSE platformers where it didn't have to make sense to publish a game. Oh and there are dinosaurs and cavemen. Why not?

There is a choice of two dinosaurs to control – one has a pathetic punch and the other can shoot arrows. Tough choice then game? Why give us the option if you are bound to pick the one that makes the game effectively playable! The hit detection for the punch is just non existant.

With it coming out in 1992 (not long after Mario World) you can see parts of it aping the poor plumber senseless. So clearly a cash in to pander to platformers tastes. The main culprit I noticed was the moving snake platform that you have to follow and dodge the surroundings. The game has the usual cannon of ice, jungle, fire, ice, laboratory stages that you would expect from a platformer so it does cover all the bases.

The controls are awkward at best – the jump particularly stodgy which is an issue for a platformer, but once you get past the issue there is fun to be had!

The humans that get sucked into the dino world sit on your back and you can control them to stand on the dinosaur and using it as a stepping stone – most handy for hard to reach items! This is a great mechanic as if you fall into a pit as the human, you can tap the shoulder button and you snap back to your trusty dino. Sadly it is not used that much throughout the game.

Its an attractive game for an early release, its just a shame they had to 90's 'radicaliZe' it by giving the dino's leather jackets. Nothing cooler than leathers am I right?

Worth a go just for something a little different. I have to go now and watch Jurassic Park, imagining them all wearing leather jackets and punching jukeboxes.