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Dino Crisis

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Released: 1999

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom/Shinji Mikami

Submitted by: James Langstone

In an age long gone by, Capcom once reigned supreme among game developers/publishers of the day. Already riding high from two successful releases in the Resident Evil franchise, main man Shinji Mikami set out to break the mould once again with Dino Crisis.  A game labelled as “Survival Panic”, players were very heavily outmatched by their prehistoric foes and had to choose flight over fight many a time.  Really giving the game that horror edge by never knowing just how safe you really were, or how much ammo you had left in the chamber!

The game later became a more arcade style shooter with DC 2, in a move that attempted to set it aside from all the RE comparisons it drew at the time.  Not a terrible idea but it did defiantly take away from what the original so nerve racking and pulse pounding.  Yet it would not be until the third instalment that Capcom would successfully drive the nail into another beloved game series.  Praying on the next gen hype at the time, DC 3 promised to be something different for the fans, but what they got was the proverbial knitted sweater of the trio.  Bombing out in all areas, Shinji himself even knew that it was time to call it quits for this franchise.

Yet the last game did serve one good purpose in that proving sometimes a classic is a classic for a reason, and it should not be tampered with.  Dino Crisis one used fully polygonal backgrounds instead of pre-rendered ones as well, making it a technical marvel of its time.  Showing also what the PS1 was capable of, DC was that just a good game.  It was a great piece of tech that showed just what Capcom could do when they put their mind to things!

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