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Released: 1990

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Public Domain

Developer: Art Skiles

Submitted by: Paul Driscoll

The one thing the Amiga did well was its thriving public domain games for it.

Ok there was a lot of dross, but among them stood great arcade updates that were often a lot better than many of the full price releases. One such game was Drip the damp rescuer of interrupted parties. This is basically a lovely update of the arcade game painter. For those who haven’t played Painter or Drip its basically Pac-Man but instead of having to run around all the maze eating dots you have to run around the maze changing the color of the maze.

In Drip you are a cool drip with sunglasses who’s party juice has all been piped up. Something needs to be done and so you decide to set out and rust all the pipes (turning them red). To stop you are a host of bad dudes such as bottles of Acid and fire balls just waiting to burn you up, Then when you have rusted all the pipes you move on to the next floor.

There are 15 floors to beat before you must tackle the final just plain evil pump room to finally stop the pipes once and for all. To help you every third floor completed would give you a bonus round and an opportunity to earn some much needed extra lives.

This is a really professionally put together game that brings together perfectly the rock hard arcade classic painter and combines it with nice graphics and well thought out mazes. It’s a tough game and for players such as me you’ll probably be screaming in frustration most of the time…but it’s never unfair and it’s always your fault because you died. Because of that you find yourself having just one more go.