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Released: 1999

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: GT Interactive

Developer: Reflections Interactive

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

The year is 1999. The Playstation has been out for four years and already become one of the best games consoles of all time. This claim then got solidified when British game developers Reflections Interactive released their crowning glory Driver on the Playstation and in the process made the Playstation the must have console.

Driver is my favourite game on the Playstation and the reason I wanted to own a Playstation for most of my childhood. I played at my cousins house for hours and hours and hours, never getting bored and even now when I put it in, I still get hooked like I did ten years ago. Driver has you taking on the role of Tanner, a cop who has to do a variety of undercover missions in order to go to next city. The four cities in the game are Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, which are all beautifully reconstructed in 3D form for the player to drive around. Yes before the boys at Rockstar created 3D cities, Reflections Interactive did it to perfection and even today nearly ten years after it's original release the graphics and the cities still look amazing compared to GTA IV's Liberty City.

The gameplay is simple, you just drive around, not having to get out of your car, making it very much like Crazy Taxi, in a sense, only without the Offspring deafening you with their horrible music. With this simple gameplay it is easy to control and quick to addicted to. If you crash the police come after you and you have to hightail it away before they destroy your car making it highly adrenaline filled to play. With not having the ability of being able to get out of your car it meant you could only have one car for each of the four cities and each handle brilliantly with great graphical details.

To conclude Driver is for me the pinnacle of Playstation and British gaming. It's such a shame the later games in the series couldn't match up to the original game. Driver's 3D enviroments, graphics, gameplay and sound make it a timeless classic which everyone should enjoy. If you own a Playstation and don't own this British gaming masterpiece buy it now off E-bay or download it from the PSN for your PS3 so you can really see what British gaming in the late 90's was all about.