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Dungeon Hack

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Released: 1993

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: PC - DOS

Publisher: Strategic Simulations

Developer: DreamForge Intertainment

Submitted by: Duncan Rule

If it's ultra-customised random dungeon crawling goodness you're after, Dungeon Hack delivers the goods in jewel-encrusted +4 spades. Based on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) 2nd Edition rules, and utilizing the same technology that powered SSI's Eye of the Beholder games, Dungeon Hack is, ostensibly, a first person, graphical update of the immensely popular roguelike sub-genre.

Released in 1993, what Dungeon Hack lacks in the plot department (go into a dungeon and find some orb for a witch), it makes up for in sheer volume of customisation options and replayability. Start a game, and you'll be given a screen in which you can create your character from a large selection of classes, alignments and abilities. Stats are chosen by "rolling" (as with the real AD&D game), which you can do as many times as you like until you get something you're happy with (or alternatively, you adjust them yourself to tip the scales a bit further in your favour). From there, we get to the real meat of the customisation: the dungeon generator.

While the game doesn't allow you to literally build the dungeons yourself, you can choose from three pre-set options (Easy, Medium and Hard) which vary the amount of levels, monsters, traps, weapons, food, locked doors etc. that you'll find. Alternatively, select "Custom" and you'll be able to tweak each and every aspect until you reach your perfect mix. Then you're off into the dungeon to battle your way through whatever's been created in typical hack 'n slash fashion.

Allegedly, there are something like 4 billion potential dungeons you could end up with, so this isn't a game you're going to get bored playing too quickly. Find one you really like? The game generates a code (or "seed") which you can use to play that dungeon again, or share it with a friend.

As I said; if it's a good story you're interested in, look elsewhere, but if you just want a fun RPG to play for a few minutes or hours, Dungeon Hack has everything you'll ever need.