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Elevator Action Returns

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Released: 1997

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Sega Saturn

Publisher: VING

Developer: VING

Submitted by: Steve L.



There's just something about this game that says THIS IS COOL. Maybe it's the game design. Or maybe it's the atmosphere of shifting elevators and shooting
down baddies-a-plenty. Whatever it is, this game has a unique aura all its own.

Sequel to the 1980's original, EAR is quite different; it's much more action-oriented. Choose from 1 of 3 characters each with their own special traits and abilities. In each level you must unarm the various bombs hiding behind the many doors. It's very violent and nothing beats seeing an enemy crushed underneath an elevator! *mad laughter*


If you're an arcade action type gamer who appreciates 2D gaming and you have
an import playable Saturn, you owe it to yourself to get this game. It can be a bit expensive, though.

Although there probably isn't any one technical thing in particular about Elevator Action Returns that would overly impress anyone, there's just something unique
and interesting about this game I can't quite put my finger on.

The more I played, the more I appreciated it. EAR reminds me of not just the good old days but also what video games are all about: that is, simple pleasures and brilliant creative nuances adding up to a very enjoyable blaster. They simply don't make games like this anymore. While that's too bad, we old farts can always point to games like Elevator Action Returns to remind us of the "Good Ol' Days."

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