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Released: 1999

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: WonderSwan

Publisher: Nihon Bussan

Developer: Nihon Bussan

Submitted by: Ryan Davies

Gotta love the old "toilet-humour in game design" stuff, right? Where you stick a picture of a dirty little poo in a game, and then go from there? Good old Nihon, for doing just that. Apparantly, Engacho is based on a "popular children's game" but it's not one that I've ever heard of, so we'll go with the magical rainbow juice method here instead.

PLOT! Sounds like "plop", ha ha! Yes, there's a timid little Charlie Brown character called Sunzuki, who's scared of a lot of things. Most of all, he's scared of a disgusting group of monsters called the Oops Five – this group consists of a winged anus, a vomiting Mickey Mouse impersonator, a pretty bag with a bow on top, a racially-stereotyped strongman, and a large nose who uses his snot as arms. Lovely.

Sunzuki must prove to his dad that he isn't scared of these monsters, otherwise he'll be put into a bag and thrown into a canal. So how does one go about proving one's worth in the face of such adversities? Why, by entering nightmarish Schrödinger-esque puzzle scenarios with them, of course!

Cue the turn-based grid terrors, as Sunzuki and the monsters take turns moving around the board. Sunzuki must reach the exit, and the Oops Five must stop him. All those guys have different methods of movement (eg. Mickey Vomit mirrors Sunzuki, whilst Racist-Man does the opposite).

If Sunzuki comes into contact with any of the monsters, he catches a horrible disease and dies instantly, yet this also works for the monsters as well – perhaps Sunzuki can trick them into touching and thereby killing each other? He can, but only with YOUR help! And you'd love to help him, wouldn't you? Cute little blighter he is, and he cowers on the floor every time the monsters make a move. Aww.