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Extreme Violence

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Released: 1991

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Shareware

Developer: Simon Green

Submitted by: Paul Driscoll

Written in humble AMOS, this is a spiritual update of the Atari 2600 game Combat taking the simple shoot first kill or be killed two player simplicity of the original but adding extra fun in the form of bigger levels, cover and power ups. In many ways it could also be seen as the original death match game.

On starting a game you are quickly shown a map of the level you are about to play before being thrust straight into the game itself. The game itself is split into two windows that shows your shotgun wielding little chap and at the bottom a small radar shows where you and your opponent currently are. Then away you go making sure you kill your opponent before they kill you. The level and your placement in it is totally random so sometimes you can be quite far apart with lots of cover and other times you can be right on top of one another and so its just who has the quickest trigger finger. Then it’s the first one to ten kills wins. To make things more interesting the levels have various power ups dotted around that give you an advantage.

These are:

Speedy Boots – Move quickly.

Bonus Points – Free kill point.

Funny Map – Shows map

Radar Jam – Hide your blip on the radar

Speedy Bullets – rapid fire

Power Laser – big bullets.

Magic Bullets – Shoots through walls.

Bouncy Bullets – rebound off of walls.

Unless you get killed your power up’s are kept for the next round and so getting them is key to your survival.

This game maybe simple and only a two player only game but it really is one of the best multi-player games you can play on your Amiga. Don’t be put off by the graphics that would make a Spectrum owner snigger and the no frills to the game play. Instead just get a few mates together, some beer and crank this up and watch the hilarity and arguments ensue.