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Fighters Destiny

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Released: 1998

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Ocean

Developer: Imagineer / Genki

Submitted by: Rm 88

The PS1 had tons and tons of fighting games, while the Nintendo 64 was really lacking in that department. I always liked my N64 better than my PS1, but I really wanted to see a good fighting game for the Fun Machine. Tekken 3 was released in 1998, and Nintendo still didn't have a proper answer. Fighters Destiny was released that same year, but, was it able to compete with Tekken 3? Obviously not if we are talking about sales.

I was really excited when I got it for my N64. The intro is actually pretty cool, so I managed to watch it entirely before pressing start. I saw a Chun Li clone, so I immediately choose her. Her name is Meiling, and she became one of my best characters in the game, along with Pierre, a generic clown.

The characters are not particularly original, but not bad, overall. My friends and I instantly found our favorite character, and I can say the game is pretty balanced – I don't remember any character being overpowered in any way, except for the bosses.

Fighters Destiny is not about depleting the opponent's health gauge, it's about scoring more points than your opponent. There are health gauges (some characters have larger gauges), but once it gets depleted, the character gets dizzy (this is called Piyori Condition in the game), making him/her vulnerable for a Special Move… or any other attack.

You can earn points by Knock Out (3 points), Special Move (4 points), Ring Out (1 point), Throw (2 points) and Counter (3 points). The first player to score 7 points wins the match, but you can change the settings in the options menu.

With an innovative concept and pretty good controls, Fighters Destiny is a pretty good game. I spend a lot of time playing this both alone and with my friends. We definitely played more Fighters Destiny than Tekken 3.

There was a sequel, but I always liked the first game better. Sadly, a third game was never made. A GameCube sequel could have been pretty awesome, but it's sure to say there'll never be a third Fighters Destiny game. The Tekken games are still my favorite 3D fighting games, but Fighters Destiny was a pretty good alternative back in the day.